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Men Struggle With More Work-Related Mental Health Issues Than Women, Study Finds

New research from mental health charity Mind found that men are more likely to be mentally affected by their work than women.

The charity spoke to 15,000 employees around the UK and found that one in three men blame their poor mental health on work, while when it comes to women it is one in five.

Mind discovered that for women poor mental health tends to be because of stresses outside the office , for example homelife or relationships.

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Their research - which spoke to 30 organisations including Jaguar Land Rover, PepsiCo and Deloitte - also found that men are more likely to hide their struggles with mental health from colleagues or bosses. 29% of men surveyed had taken time off due to poor mental state, compared to 43% of women.

Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, blamed the 'macho' work environment. 'It is concerning that so many men find themselves unable to speak to their bosses about the impact that work is having on their wellbeing and even more worrying that they are then not asking to take time off when they need it,' Mamo told the BBC.

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