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How To Stop Negative People Pulling You Down With Them

We all know one of them.

The disapproving relative who can't help dropping little digs. The jealous "friend" who can never quite bring herself to share your joy at happy news. The disillusioned work colleague who sees the worst in everything, and everyone.

Negative people can be encountered at any point on the great road of life, so rather than outright avoiding them, we're better equipped if we learn how to keep their disapproval or downbeat aura at bay.

Self-help author Heidi E. Vincent has a few tips up her sleeve on how to do this, which she's shared this week with The Voice newspaper.

Pride and Prejudice's Lady Catherine de Bourgh: hardly a sunny character

"Restrict the time spent with that person to only what is absolutely necessary to complete the project at work or complete the meal at the dining table," says Vincent. "Do not spend any more time than is absolutely necessary in their company. You need to be military about it."

Vincent advises that you never fall into a conflict with a negative person; since this is likely the confrontation that they crave.

"If they throw a comment your way that makes you see red, then stop, smile to yourself, and do not respond, " she says. "Often that comment was deliberately meant to rile you."

By far the best tool for dealing with negative people is to block them out, even when you're with them.

"Tune them out in your mind by thinking about something or somewhere pleasant in order to counter their negative energy," says Vincent.

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