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The New Granspirational Hobbies

The New Trend You And Your Granny Will Love

We’re not saying drinking in your local cocktail bar is ‘out’, but now the cool kids are scheduling it around Wednesday night’s jam-making class…

Pottery, jam-making, baking and stitching. No, we’re not talking about Sunday afternoon at your nan’s house, but an evening out with the girls. That’s right, folks, granny hobbies are in – in a big way.

Last week, it was revealed that demand for pottery classes is on the up among 20-somethings, and it’s not the only newly popular activity previously associated with the antiquated. Knitting has made a comeback as more women meet for ‘Stitch ’n Bitch’ sessions around the UK, while crafting has become a firm hen do and baby shower favourite. Even darts hit the bullseye last month, after a venue dedicated to the old-man sport opened up in trendy east London. Oh, and if watercolours are your bag, Sky Arts’ new programme Landscape Artist Of TheYear is also making waves among the trendsetters.

Whatever’s inspired this new granny craze, we’re on-board. Anything that means we can fashion our own clay pots and fill them with lashings of homemade jam, while we snuggle into our self-knitted woollies for a cup of tea...

While we're at it, there are a few other Grandma-esque behaviours we don't mind adopting. Letter writing is becoming a dying art in the 21st century, much to everyone's (well our) distress. Is there anything nicer than finding a handwritten letter in amongst a stack of depressing bills? Head down to your nearest stationers to purchase some fancy paper, a nice new pen and get writing. You'll make someone's day.

We draw the line at carrying a snotty hanky around though. Sorry Nan.

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