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#SquadGoals Is Now In The Dictionary

It seems that every few months a new batch of words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary, often with varying degrees of eye-rolling. (Remember when 'twerk', 'FOMO' and 'fo'shizzle' were added in 2015?)

The latest update includes over 300 new entries, from frequently used slang like #squadgoals, fitspo and cat lady, (all of which need no explanation) to new specialist terms, such as superfruit (really healthy fruit), negawatts (a unit of energy saved due to conservation efforts) and freecycle (giving something away for free rather than selling it or throwing it away).

Perhaps its a reflection of our current cultural climate, but the majority of new words are to do with fitness, food and the environment (oh, and drunk texting).

Here are 5 of our favourites.

Haterade: a blend of the word hater and the name of the sports drink Gatorade used to refer to ‘excessive criticism’.

Craptacular: when something is really really crap.

Sausage fest: when the group is predominantly male.

Bracket buster: a low-ranking team that unexpectedly defeats a high-ranking team (hello, Leceister City).

Skitch: a blend of skate or ski and hitch, and refers to the activity of ‘hitching’ onto a motor vehicle while riding a bike or a skateboard (see: every '80s teen movie ever).

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