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Our Love Affair With Rain: Five Reasons To Relish A Downpour

Tim Robbins was onto a good thing when he joyfully embraced the feel of hammering rain on his torso in The Shawshank Redemption.

But you don't have to spend 19 years behind bars to appreciate the unsung delights of a good downpour.

The appeal of rain is a little more subtle than its crowd-pleasing antidote of sunshine.

Nevertheless, living in Britain, we've come to know and love its nuances.

Here are five good reasons to embrace rainy days...

1. You can binge-watch TV without guilt

The thing with glorious weather is that you feel bad when you spend too much time mooching indoors. There's nothing like the sun scorching outside to cast a harsh light on your slovenly ways.

Plus, you know the heat will only last about two minutes, adding an extra veneer of FOMO pressure to make the most of it.

With rain, the burden to do something worthwhile with your time is lifted. It's a bit like recovering from heartbreak; all bets are off.

You aren't expected to do anything, not even put on fresh clothes. Draw the curtains, fluff out your duvet and get stuck into a new season of Orange Is The New Black to the gentle pitter-patter of rain outside.


2. You don't have to brush your hair

Only a fool would try and battle the elements by keeping their hair ship-shape during a downpour.

Everyone else uses as an excuse to let loose. Forget blow-drying, it's only going to frizz up again anyway.

In fact, why bother brushing at all? The beauty of rain is you know you're going to look like a drowned rat by the time you reach work.

Instead of fighting it with an arsenal of serums and umbrellas that refuse to behave, just give in. Embrace the unkempt vibe. It's free and oh so real.

3. It gives you a good excuse to be late

If you're one of those perennially late people (which, by the way, is a hallmark of your success), rain is a true godsend.

Your long-suffering colleagues are liable to roll their eyes if you do what you always do and turn up 15 minutes into a meeting.

But if you're drenched from a fresh downpour with rain dripping off your nose, it puts an entirely different spin on the matter.

Suddenly, people will be tripping over themselves to jump up and help you - and you have a free pass to blame the atrocious weather; something everyone can empathize with.


4. It's romantic

The Notebook, Four Weddings And A Funeral, Breakfast At Tiffany's. Countless films espouse the high-octane passion of a classic, rain-sodden kiss.

In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the urgency and drama of a rainstorm is a key ingredient needed to whip up the passion of a long-repressed embrace.

A mildly sunny day just wouldn't have the same effect.

Even outside of Hollywood, there's an undeniable romance to the wet pavements of London, reflecting a prism of city lights, or Paris with the rain gushing down over awnings and rooftops.

Alone or with a loved one, it's easy to revel in its beauty.

5. It's joyous

It might not feel like it when a car smashes through that puddle you're walking by, but there's a certain exuberance to heavy rain.

It sparks a kind of impulsive, throw-your-cards-up-in-the-air energy. That's why Singing In The Rain (which Gene Kelly nobly performed with a sky-high temperature) became one of history's most-loved cult musical sequences.

You can abandon yourself fully to the theatre of rain; it forces you to live in the present.

Whether you're jumping between puddles to run to a restaurant, or retreating within by a cosy fire, a torrential downpour will always be exhilarating.

And then once it's over, the whole world looks afresh...

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