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Rare And Fanciful Baby Names That Few Parents Dare To Use

When the Clooneys opted for relatively normal baby names this month, the world reacted with both relief and disappointment.

Sure, Ella and Alexander are lovely titles and we can assume the Hollywood power couple are fairly down-to-earth as a result, despite their fame and fortune.

But a small part of us yearned for something truly out there, in the grand old tradition of celebrity baby names. Pilot Inspektor (the son of Jason Lee), say, or Buddy Bear (Jamie Oliver's choice for his eldest boy).

Luckily, the experts at Nameberry have stepped into the breach, with a new list of outrageously wacky baby names.

Egged on by parents in search of something different, Nameberry compared data from the US Social Security Administration to their own archives, to determine the most unique baby names which have once been used (though not at all in the past year).

"Please, NO! Don't call me Christmas... "

The results are as diverse as they are eye-opening.

Imbued with a wide range of pop cultural, historical and futuristic overtones, the colourful set of monikers certainly deliver on the imagination front.

On the girls' list, the likes of "Daffodil" and "Freesia" seem comparatively normal next to the abstract "Remember", "Whimsy" and "Season".

There's also the Shakespearean "Perdita" (who, you may recall, is the female canine protagonist from 101 Dalmatians) and, for a name no-one could forget, "Christmas".

Over to the boys, and the selection is, if anything, more obscure. "Traveller", "Beach", "Trout" and "Mingus" count among our favourite choices.

So, if you're looking for a baby name less ordinary, step this way. Below is all the inspiration you'll need...

Girls' names

Graph: Nameberry

Boys' names

Graph: Nameberry

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