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We Might Finally Be Getting A Redhead Emoji

Following a number of campaigns and petitions, the redheads of the world are finally getting what they deserve, their very own emoji.

According to a press release from the Emoji Subcommittee at Unicode (yep, that exists), the red hair emoji is on a list of 67 emojis being considered for release in 2018.

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How To Be A Redhead - one of the sites behind the campaign- took to Twitter to excitingly share the news.

And redheads all of the world declared their joy.

Less than 2% of people worldwide have red hair but in the UK the figures are much higher - Scotland has the highest concentration of redheads (14%), while Ireland comes in second with 10%.

Other emojis being reviewed for the 2018 roll out include a cupcake, a lama and a frowning poo...

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