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These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Never-Before-Seen Films

Just in time for the weekend…

We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday night and you’re planning an epic Netflix binge with your dear friends - Domino's and the duvet.

But what happens when you've spent a good twenty minutes scrolling and end up feeling like you've watched absolutely everything the streaming giant has to offer?

Well, it turns out that Netflix is only showing you what it thinks you want to watch. An algorithm uses data on user’s viewing habits to recommend films which will pop up on your homescreen.

But a new trick will enable you to source new binge material in a matter of minutes.

According to The Telegraph, a simple switch in the URL will enable users to track down thousands of never-before-seen movies and TV shows.

All you need to do, is firstly make sure that you are logged into Netflix (whether you use your own account or a friend's, we won't tell anyone).

Then, simply enter the following link into your browser's toolbar - This should then pull thousands of different genres from Netflix's library.

Next, replace 'XXXX' with the code you want to search. For example, Romantic Dramas can be searched by entering '1255', while '9292' will track down the best Scandinavian films.

You can find a full list of the secret codes on the The Telegraph.

You're welcome.

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