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Me +1: No Honestly, Just Do It

Danielle Perry is a radio presenter at Absolute Radio, a band manager, DJ, podcaster and writer for Q Magazine. She’s also a new mum to baby Etta. Although life has changed somewhat, there is a common ground between everything and that’s what she’s going to be writing about in this new column, 'Me +1'. She’s not going to be banging on about sensory classes or Peppa Pig – but the way our interests, styles and passions shift throughout our lives and how it is possible to not lose any of your identity or fun with the impending feeling of being a proper grown up.

I stay in a lot more than I used to after having baby Etta. It brings some grounding, actually. You can’t be out every night at a gig or a drinks ‘thing’ so I’m feeling a lot more grounded. Home is where the heart is after all.

I’ve been managing to catch up more too with my old friends - the ones that you don’t see for months on end, but when you do it’s like nothing has changed (I love that). We’re all now staying in more whether it’s because of children, or perhaps saving up for a flat, or that dream round-the-world trip. It’s good for the mind, those catch ups, with the people who really know you. They can tell from your voice exactly what’s going on.

There’s one of these friends of mine called Cath. She’s a do-er. As I sit here writing this column she’s just Whatsapp’d me a picture of her sailing a barge down the Thames towards Kent. As you do. She’s one of those people who has a plan. She’s living life 110% and it’s an inspiring show. Every year she’s saved up and is using those precious holidays to really see the big wide world. India, Africa, Clipper Race across the Atlantic, ski seasons, Californian road trip... She’s done it all and the photos on her wall in her gaff are homage to that.

And everytime I see an update of her off on her adventures again I kick myself. 'Get with the programme, Perry!' Sit down, be organised. Make plans and make them the priority. Your sense of adventure needn’t stop in your mid 30s. Actually just do it. Stop talking about it. Do that thing that people do where they use the bank holiday weeks to their advantage. Buy a diary. Use it.

So I’ve just emailed my dear friend our in Morocco. We’re off to the incredible new hotel Amouage in Agadir (part of Surf Maroc) at the end of July. And I can’t bloody wait.

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