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25% Of Singles Think They'll Never Be Able To Retire

If you want to feel thoroughly depressed about your future financial prospects, we have a disheartening new stat for you: according to a new survey from peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Works, 24 percent of single adults believe that they will never be financially secure enough to retire in their old age. Forever alone and working until we're OAPs? Sigh...

After surveying over 1,500 UK adults who are yet to reach retirement age, Lending Works found that financial security is more of a worry for those of us who aren't in a relationship.

While almost a quarter of the single adults questioned revealed their concerns about retirement, 19 percent of those who are married or living with their partner reported the same concern. More drastically, 40 percent of the singles said they are currently unable to save money each month to plan for the future, in comparison to 29 percent of those who are married or co-habiting.

Single or not, the survey found that just over one in five (22 percent) of adults believe that they'll never have the money to retire, while the 35-44 year old age group was found to be the most pessimistic about their prospects. And in a surprising twist, the attitudes of Londoners aren't actually the bleakest: 19 percent of those living in the capital agreed, compared to 27 percent in the West Midlands (which had the gloomiest of outlooks).

'It's clear from this research that many Brits are quite pessimistic when it comes to the future,' Lending Works CEO Nick Harding added. 'It is also particularly concerning to see how many people aren't planning adequately for their retirement.'

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