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Single People Sleep Better, Says Study: Plus, The Optimal Amount Of Snooze For Happiness

From duvet wars to snoring or a partner who tosses and turns, there are a multitude of factors that get between us and a good night's sleep when we share a bed with someone.

Perhaps no surprise then, that a new study has found that single people experience the most sleep.

Seven hours and six minutes' shut-eye per night is the optimal amount needed for people to feel content, according to the survey of 2,000 adults by mattress company Amerisleep.

Those who rank themselves "perfectly happy" soak up this level of snooze per night, while "mostly happy" people sleep seven hours and "somewhat happy" people sleep 6.9 hours, the research shows.

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Those people who regularly sleep less than 6 hours and 46 minutes a night experience an adverse effect on their closest relationships.

"Less than 6.8 hours of sleep meant complete unhappiness in relationships, constant worry, and never a shred of gratitude," the report says.

Participants aged under 25 report getting a lot more sleep than their older counterparts, regardless of happiness. And overall, women are more likely to suffer poor sleep.

On the relationships front, individuals who are separated get less sleep, while singletons fare best when it comes to catching a few Z's.

The report also looked at how our activities before bed-time impact the quality of our sleep.

Meditation and showers are a great way to go, whereas video games and working are associated with difficulties in dropping off.

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