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This Wine Glass Automatically Refills Itself (Yes, Really)

Unless you are in the ‘slow drinker’ camp, you will be well acquainted with the feeling on a Friday night when you reach for you next sip of vino to find it's your last (sob). Cue a 20 minute wait at the bar, because you said you would get the next round. The things we do for a social life ‘ey?

But Merlot lovers across the land can now rejoice in the best news since we got wind of a FREE 24-hour wine fountain in Italy. Let us introduce you to the Guzzle Buddy, aka our new kitchen (and night out) gadget we're obsessed with.

Essentially it’s an XL wine glass which has a stopper instead of a stem - attaching itself straight to the bottle. Goodbye are the days when you had to deal with the task of refilling your chosen tipple. Oh and the best part? As you tilt the bottle, the GB gently aerates the wine for a richer, full bodied taste. Currently available on Amazon, the genius creation is priced at £22, and already scoring 5/5 ratings.

One reviewer commented: ‘Absolutely love this thing. It made drinking my wine more fun than usual. I plan on buying more and giving them for gifts.’

One for our Christmas wish-list? Most definitely.

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