Is Aaron Chalmers leaving Geordie Shore? :O

Aaron Chalmers has never let us down.

From his on/off romance with Marnie Simpson, to his general tattooed hotness, he's one of our faves on Geordie Shore and has kept us glued to our tellies for years.

So imagine our disappointment to hear that he's thinking about QUITTING THE SHOW!!! :O:O:O

After casually beating his MMA fighting opponent in 30 seconds at Friday's BAMMA 31 event, Aaron dished out a gigantic hint that he was off.

"Geordie Shore is my job, that's what has made us, but obviously I'm 30 now and I have a girlfriend, so maybe it's my time to step out of Geordie Shore and let somebody younger come in," he told MailOnline.



He went on, "I've done what I need to do on there. You have to understand the show doesn't grow old, but we do. Six years ago it was fun, but we're getting older. The audience is getting younger and we're getting older.

"I'm very grateful for everything that has happened. Geordie Shore has given us the opportunity to do what I'm doing now.

"When I first started Geordie Shore, I never thought I would be on the billboard to fight at Wembley. It's all a bit surreal still."

As sad as we are, we have to admit that Aaron is doing pretty well for himself.

Friday's fight brought in a huge audience, with Tom Hardy and Aaron's Geordie Shore cast mates attending.

Aaron made his MMA debut in May, beating Greg Jenkins in the first round. And this time round, he beat opponent Alex Thompson in 30 seconds.

We can't argue with that!

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