Austin Armacost KICKS OFF at Speidi in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother

It's started.

Remember the last time Spencer and Heidi Pratt were in Celebrity Big Brother? It wasn’t long before the mischievous pair were causing chaos among the housemates, fighting with Rylan Clark-Neal and laughing at Claire from Steps when she didn’t get her letter from the outside world.

Let’s recap in case you have forgotten.

So when they entered this year, EVERYONE was expecting shit to kick off immediately.


But the first two to enter the house shocked us all by doing nothing except play a very unconvincing game of hide and seek with the new arrivals.


Over the last couple of days, Spencer has been cheekily taunting Jamie O’Hara over his crush on Jasmine Waltz and has joked with Calum Best that he wants to edit out his mum Angie.

But that’s it.

No fireworks. No dramas. No laughing in the face of crying people.

That’s all about to change tonight though.


In this teaser clip from tonight's episode, we see Austin Armacost completely flipping out at Heidi because he knows Spencer has hidden water bottles in his bed.

A defensive Heidi protects the bed and yells for Big B to step in when Austin starts shouting and storming around like an enraged Hulk.

“THIS IS SO FUCKED UP!” he shouts, positively beaming with redness because this darn water bottle situation has left him SO. BLOODY. ANGRY.

Heidi responds with a repetitive: “Big Brother, get him out of my face!” and as Austin is brought away by the other housemates he calls her “psychotic”.


A ridiculous fight over WATER BOTTLES?

Ah, the Big Brother we know and love.

The rest of the housemates look a bit confused, and Spencer looks like he’s hiding behind the door like a real life Denis the Menace.


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