Bake Off’s Flora Shedden is so famous she can’t go to the pub

Her former boss tells heat that Flora gets stopped all the time by fans

Paul Hollywood’s too famous to do his own supermarket shop, Mary Berry has the power to make a floral-print blazer sell out in seconds and now, the Great British Bake Off fandom has got so big, this year’s youngest contestant, Flora Shedden, can’t even go out for a quiet pint without fans wanting to talk soggy bottoms.

Hugh Green, who owns Frames Gallery in Perth, where Flora worked before starting university at St Andrews to study Art, Maths and Film Studies earlier this month, says it’s all getting a bit much for poor 19-year-old Flora.


“It’s a small town, and she gets stopped all the time,” he tells us. “Flora was in the Vic pub in St Andrews last week with friends, and her flatmate threw her coat over Flora’s head and smuggled her out. She’s a real, proper celebrity.”

Yep, sounds pretty bad. So just think what a hard time sexy Tamal’s having out there…

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