Are the Beckhams making a cameo on Modern Family?

Why are we not one of their children tbh

Here at heatworld we're heavily invested in the Beckhams. Maybe more so than our actual biological families, to be honest. So you can imagine our sheer delight that David, Victoria, Harper, Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn (and some random guy) all visited the set of one of our favourite telly shows yesterday.

Yup - proving they're the absolute definition of 'family goals' the Beckhams crashed the set of US telly show Modern Family and the pics are everything.

We're also borderline obsessed with Romeo's Ikea t-shirt, but that's a whole other story.

Chucking a pic of their visit on Instagram, Victoria said: "Dunphys are out, the Beckhams moved in. The new Modern Family! #DavidDunphy #mitchstolemypose @jessetyler @davidbeckham."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - who plays Mitchell Pritchett on the show - also posted the pic with the caption: "The role of Claire is being played by @victoriabeckham. The role of Phil is being played by @davidbeckham. The role of Victoria Beckham is being played by @jessetyler.

"Thank you all for coming to visit the Modern Family set today! We loved having you all!!!"

So does this mean they could be making a Modern Family cameo next series? Er, unfortunately not. Jesse added: "The family was only visiting the set, not shooting an episode. Although I think David could be Lily's new soccer coach."

Right, now hurry up season 9 please and a-thank you.


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