Beyoncé shows off twins in the most extra way ever

Also confirms their names. No biggie.

WELL WE NEVER. Beyoncé's finally chucked a picture of her twins Rumi and Sir Carter on Instgram and everyone's gone batshit bananas for it. Like, we're talking 1.7 million likes in one hour kinda bananas.

Extra af, and we love it.

Bey gave birth to her bubbas (remind us never to use the word 'bubbas' again) one month ago, and until now had refused to confirm their names. Fast forward to today and Sir Carter and Rumi - the names originally rumoured - are already trademarked.

Ah, we bloody love celebrities.

Beyoncé posted a pic with the caption 'Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today' followed by loads of prayer hand and baby emojis; with the photo resembling that one she did way back when to announce her pregnancy.

Dunno about you, but we've been sat refreshing our Twitter timelines all morning ready for the influx of memes. Life.

Oh yeah, and the pic's already on almost 5 million likes and is probably set to take the crown of most-liked Instagram snap of all time. All in a day's work, love.


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