Bianca Gascoigne blasts CJ Meeks for PAYING girls to go on dates with him

Well this is awkward

Bianca Gascoigne doing a bit of a Stephanie Davis and cheating on her boyfriend on Celebrity Big Brother was one of the main talking points of the last series.

The boyfriend in question was CJ Meeks, and he made no secret of his sadness about the whole situation – getting papped while reading about it and looking sad etc etc.

And on Tuesday night, CJ was pictures cuddling up to a model called Shannen in London at a Valentine’s boat party and DSTRKT nightclub.

He also posted a picture of the two with the caption: “Like The Weekend (we think he meant Weeknd) said, this ain’t ordinary life.”


BUT on Wednesday night, Bianca shared (and deleted) a Facebook post that appeared to be Shannen admitting it was all a set up.

Literally, lol.

It reportedly read: “I was asked to go on a set up date lol nothing in it it was all staged just to let everyone know 100 per cent staged (sic).”

She is also said to have added: “Wow my ex is seriously going to lengths now paying girls to go on dates with him so he can do set up pap shots to get in the papers online!”

Oh dear…

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