Big Brother’s Mandy Longworth claims there was a more 'sinister' reason why Arthur Fulford left the house

She thinks there’s more than meets the eye

Is it just us, or has this series of Big Brother been absolutely LIT so far?

It’d be hard push for any series to match up to that one with Nikki Grahame and Pete Bennett, but this one’s putting in a bloody good graft.

We’ve had fights over make-up, fights over bowls of dust, fights over whether the world is round (everyone was SUCH a ‘moron’ for reckoning it’s a globe, weren’t they?), and just generally a lot of fights.

One of the housemates involved with the fights (notably the aforementioned one about dust) was Arthur Fulford, who left the house at the weekend.

Big Brother didn’t reveal the reason why he left on screen, but Arthur later told Aisleyne Horgan Wallace (we miss her) for The Sun: “I felt bullied and isolated,” he told her. “I knew what I was doing the whole time, winding people up, but it didn’t come from a place of malice.

“Every year Big Brother has a ‘cool group’ consisting of the young, good looking models. They treat the rest of us as their inferiors and that infuriated me!

“One of my biggest fears in the house was how I was being perceived from the outside.”

And now Mandy Longworth – who was evicted last Friday – has revealed: "I think something deeper happened. He would never have walked. I know he wouldn't.

"If he was being bullied they would have showed it and they would've tried to persuade him to stay and they would speak to the housemates that were apparently bullying him, so it can't be that,” she told OK magazine.

"The fact that it's not and nobody's saying anything leads me to believe that it's something a little bit more sinister."


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