What is Big Brother's Nasty Nick up to now?

Big Brother's real OG.

All of you Big Brother fans born circa, 1985 will most likely remember Big Brother ‘villain’ Nick Bateman, or as he was more famously known, Nasty Nick.

After causing ALL KINDS of drama in the first ever series of the former Channel 4 show in 2000, (WTF, how was that 17 years ago?) He definitely set the standards for future series and its celebrity counterpart. But what is he up to now?

Who is Big Brother’s 'Nasty Nick'/Nick Bateman?

Nick Bateman, 49, was born on November 5th 1967, in Burlington, England. After ten years working as a city trader for Willis Group Holdings, he managed to land a place on the first ever series of Big Brother in 2000 even though there were over 40,000 applications!

What happened during Nick’s time on Big Brother?

Nick was dubbed ‘Nasty Nick’ after it emerged that he had been influencing the votes by manipulating flatmates and playing them against each other. TV GOLD.

His shady antics meant that he never actually received a single eviction nomination, but producers were keen to interrupt Nick’s smooth sailing and tipped off his fellow housemates who confronted him and exposed what had been going on.

His manipulation of people’s voting tactics, as all hardcore BB fans will know, is a MEGA violation in the house, so the nation bid him farewell as he was asked to leave by producers.

What did Nick Bateman do after Big Brother?

Off the back of Big Brother, Nick didn’t stray far from the media industry.

Appearing as a guest on TV shows like GMTV (who remembers when it was called that and not GMB?) Through The Keyhole and even back on Big Brother turf, on BB’s Bit On The Side.

He also wrote columns for publications such as Cosmopolitan, The Guardian and The Independent and even went onto to publish a book called Nasty Nick: How To Be A Right Bastard in 2001.

What is Nick Bateman doing now?

Like many other Brits, Nick was lured to the other side of the world in 2013, currently residing down under in Sydney where he is now a freelance writer and social commentator.

He can be found regularly posting videos and pictures on his Twitter of various Oz sunrise’s/beaches. A far cry from the Big Brother House. We are SO jealous.

He also updates his personal blog, with his most recent post questioning whether Channel 5 are damaging the Big Brother brand? He said: “We all know and understand that Big Brother and every reality show is edited, but actually if you get the right people in there in the first place, you do not need such a severe edit, you do not need tricks, or booze to manipulate the housemates.” Still sticking to his guns about the manipulating shenanigans then!

What does ‘Nasty Nick’ think about Celebrity Big Brother?

Let’s just say he isn’t keen on the current format…

He wrote on his blog: “In the Celeb version, I do not want to see some footballers girlfriend, or some hooker, or some American actor from the 80’s, if you are going to use ex contestants, stop using the same ones all the time, ask the public who they want to see and act on it and maybe you might see better ratings."

He also believes that the show needs to go back to their roots, “with real people, a simple house, intelligent tasks, no outside interference and no booze. Then we might have a show.”

Does Nick Bateman have Twitter?

You can find Nasty Nick's Twitter handle here: @NickBateman1. He's also got a website and a blog.

Website: Blog:

Was Nick Bateman in Pantomime?

There seems to be a strange recurring theme between BB/CBB housemates and taking part in Panto?? Amelia Lily, Jordan Davies and Nasty Nick?? He’s landed roles in Jack and The Beanstalk, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and rather aptly, the role of Miss Minga, one of the nasty, ugly stepsisters in Cinderella in 2012.

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