WATCH: Blazin Squad's reaction to Love Island's banger 'Leave it'

Going straight in your Spotify playlist, yh?

Once upon a time, we had a social life (ish), would wander across leafy fields and actually see our friends with our actual own eyes. 9pm would arrive and the only thought we'd have would be 'is it acceptable to eat another Nutella sandwich?'

Then Love Island came into our life and we spend the whole time talking about it/tagging our friends in spoilers/hilariously declaring 'they're my type on paper, but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket thank you very much.'

This is an accurate representation of us on a Saturday and we only have a recap episode to entertain ourselves with:

We can all agree, one of the Love Island highlights was the ruddy spectacular song 'Leave it' performed by Kem, Chris and Marcel.

Hey it's Kem, I'm five foot ten, walked in and found a 10/10! (Or something like that. We're hungover.)

We got the Blazin Squad crew in to watch the 'Leave It' video and this is their reaction...

Someone start a petition to get 'Leave It' to number one, please.

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