Which boybander forks out hundreds for SHEEP PLACENTA facials?!

It's ALL coming out - in tomorrow's heat mag!

We bet you can't bloody WAIT for this year's Rich List.

Been counting down the days?

We thought so.


Last year, we saw One Direction fly straight into the top spot for the third year in a row. The young lads beat off the competition with a bloody big multi-million pound stick – worth approximately £82.08 million.

Yup. Even though by this time last year they were a man down (bye, Zayn Malik. Never forget), their 80-date world tour whipped up a load of cash for the twentysomethings. Then there were the product endorsements and merchandise, which include: a cupcake kit, a 1D make-up set, a Spotify endorsement, three perfumes, a massive cereal-packet deal in the US and BRANDED TOOTHBRUSHES.

Erm. Where do we get one?

Daniel Radcliffe came in at a close second, with an eye-watering £65.8m. Harry Potter may have started out living under the stairs, but there's no hope of Daniel doing the same – he owns a load of property in New York, including a £3m three-bed flat overlooking the Hudson River.


Robert Pattinson came in at a cool third last year, with his bank balance racking up to £51.04m. He may live a pretty frugal life but when it comes to kitchen appliances he's happy to splash the cash – even shelling out £9k for a cooker.


The British actor forked out an insane amount of money to get the oven imported from the UK.

But what did we find out about the rich and famous THIS year?


There's one celeb who happily pays out for £43k diamond manicures. We also found out that a top model once paid £6k to fly a silky dressing gown to New York, and her mate happily dropped £7k on a bar bill.

We'd be more than happy to get an invite to the club.

This year we also have the Insta-preneurs. These are the celebs who make a ridic amount of cash just by plugging their wares on social media. One of social media's biggest popstars can reportedly earn up to £423k per post.


If that's not enough to make you sick, then consider this: Celebland's billion-dollar babies probs don't know how to tie their laces yet but they've got a plumper bank account than we'll ever see in our lives.


One famous bubba has a marvellous time playing in her own £100k playhouse, and another is already worth £3.2 billion – and she's only a year old.

But who are these MEGA wealthy celebs? Grab your copy of heat mag for the full Rich List 2016, on sale tomorrow.

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