Bradley Wright’s ex brands Amy Childs as “silly” for having child with him.

Too soon?

Poor Amy Childs is having a tough time atm. Not only has she just broken up with ex-Bradley Wright a month after having a baby with him, now one of Bradley’s ex-girlfriends has called Amy “silly” for doing so. Come on, give the gal a break.

Leighanne Evans split from Bradley in 2010 and also has a seven-year-old daughter, Lexi, with the ex-con. Speaking to new! magazine she said that Bradley had never financially support her and was one of her “biggest mistakes”.

(Credit: Instagram/ Amy Childs)*

The mum of one also claimed Bradley had told her was going to “take Amy for every penny she’s got”, so when Leighanne found out Amy was pregnant she knew it was a bad decision.

“I thought she was very silly [to get pregnant] because I didn’t think their relationship was strong enough to bring a baby into the world.”

Speaking to OK! magazine shortly after the break-up, Amy said the relationship began to crack after daughter Polly was born.

(Credit: Instagram/ Amy Childs)*

“When I found out I was pregnant, I said: ‘I want to work so hard to give her the best in life,’ but it felt like Brad wasn’t thinking about that.”

“After Polly arrived he was sleeping in a different room. Towards the end I became more like a friend and his mum.”

That doesn’t sound nice and our hearts are breaking for Amy rn- keep your chin up!

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