Your ultimate guide to Brooklyn Beckham's ever-growing tattoo collection

Soon to rival David, no doubt

What may be slightly concerning given the fact that we literally remember David and Victoria Beckham leaving London's Portland Hospital following his birth is that Brooklyn Beckham's now old enough to have shitloads of tattoos. Literally how has it been 18 years? Christ.

Now, instead of opting to enter midlife crisis mode and question our choices thus far, we thought we'd channel our energy into educating you on said inkings. Given that his dad's the proud owner of approximately 1286 tatts (don't quote us on that one), Brooklyn's obviously following in his footsteps. And that lad ain't messin' about; 'cause he's already got seven bits of body art and counting. Let's discuss them, shall we?

Brooklyn Beckham's 'Mama's Boy' tattoo

Brooklyn's latest tattoo and an ode to his mum (actual Posh Spice), this one's on his chest. Turns out BB's not a fan of capitalisation. Who knew?

Brooklyn Beckham's 'Made in England' tattoo

He debuted this foot tatt on Instagram Stories to MASS CONTROVERSY. You weren't made in England though were you, Brooklyn? You were actually conceived in Denmark where the Spice Girls were on tour, with your parents doing the pregnancy test in New York.

We know you better than you know yourself, pal.

Brooklyn Beckham's camera tattoo

On his ever-bulging bicep in honour of his true passion in life; photography.

Brooklyn Beckham's eagle tattoo

This one is the work of well famous LA artist Doctor Woo and we'd probably argue it's one of our faves. Looks kinda painful, though.

Brooklyn Beckham's Native American tattoo

This tattoo sparked controversy for all the wrong reasons, with some branding him 'disrespectful' and claiming he had 'no regard for the violent history of indigenous people.'

Brooklyn Beckham's compass tattoo

Brooklyn got this in July 2017 ahead of the launch of his What I See photography book. Lovely.

Brooklyn Beckham's rose tattoo

Victoria Beckham once said 'I've got a secret rose tattoo, I'm dying just to show it you' (Not Such An Innocent Girl, 2001); and Brooklyns only gone and followed suit. Still not sure where Posh's is, but Brooklyn's is on his rib.

So there you go - Brooklyn's tattoo collection so far. We get the feeling we'll find ourselves updating this a lot.


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