Charlotte Crosby getting into bed with Gaz


Charlotte Crosby crawls into bed with Gary Beadle when she already has a boyfriend!

Charlotte can't stay away from Gaz's "parsnip"

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte! Stay away from the parsnip. In tonight’s Geordie Shore, Charlotte finds the lure of Gary’s parsnip (that’s his penis if you don’t watch the show) impossible to resists and ends up sneaking into his bedroom.

So far, so normal – but remember everyone, Charlotte now has a boyfriend.

Let the Newcastle’s own Ross and Rachel explain, Gaz: “I’m in bed, I’m just dosing off, I’ve had a big night and I just see this head pop round the corner, hair all over the place, make up all over the place, she looked the fu*cking Grudge.

Why is Charlotte crawling in my room?” Charlotte: “Why I am getting into Gary’s bed? Is it because it’s just so familiar or is it just because I’m a slag?”

Charlotte crawling half naked
Gaz: “It is always tempting when Charlotte crawls into my bed.”

Charlotte: “I went to Gary’s room just to pretend for a second that Gary was my boyfriend”

Commenting on Charlotte’s behaviour, the always hilarious Vicky can’t quite believe what’s going on…

“She’s got a lad, she doesn’t know what’s she doing with that. I don’t know why she wants to crawl into bed with that c*ck. I thought that was done and dusted. Shop closed. Obviously not.”

Geordie Shore is on MTV tonight at 10pm

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