Charlotte Crosby joins Sophie Kasaei for a Geordie Shore reunion


We've been dreaming of the day Charlotte Crosby returns to the Geordie Shore house, gets absolutely mortal and wees all over the floor again. Just like the good old days.

But, much to our dismay, Char's previously shut down any talk of a return to The Toon.

So, we were ridiculously excited when we spotted Charlotte and Geordie Shore OG Sophie Kasaei were filming together again. HOWAAAAAY.

OK, we'll be honest, this doesn't mean Charlotte's returning to The Radgie Family and taking up permanent residence in the Shag Pad again (we're sure Stephen Bear would have something to say about that).

But, Charlotte revealed on her Snapchat that the two Geordie lasses were back together filming for a brand-new show.

She told her fans: "Filming something for a very new, very exciting show. So that went well today!"

She added: "We're here in Sophie's flat for a sleepover, waiting for Marnie [Simpson] to come over. Life is amazing!"

We're not entirely sure what this new 'very exciting' show will be about, but with those three radge packets involved we're sure it will be wild.

In other Charlotte Crosby news,the reality TV favourite let her hair down during a night out in London and it got a little messy…

Joined by Bear, the pair hit up the VOXI bash in East London but soon enough Char was heading home a little worse for wear, vomming out of the window of her taxi.

Oh but don’t worry - the gent caught it all on camera. What a keeper!

The next morning, she took to Instagram to soothe her woes, posting a hangover selfie captioned, “Hanging.”

We’re not surprised, pet!

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