Charlotte Crosby says Stephen Bear is the best boyfriend she's ever had


It's now been officially confirmed that Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear are an item. The incessant loved up selfies they post all over social media had been a bit of a giveaway, tbh, but Char's now told us herself!

In an exclusive interview in this week's heat mag, she said: "He’s the one. I’ve fallen for him a lot, the most I’ve ever fallen for anyone. And I think he feels the same I really do."

The kind of boyfriend we've seen Bear be (notably cheating on Lillie Lexie Gregg while in CBB before she came in to confront him while he had a doughnut on his head) hasn't been the best – but Char insists he's nothing like what we see on our screens.

When we asked what he was like as a bf, she said: "The best ever. He is always treating me and always buys me flowers. When I was with Mitch I had to beg him to give me any flowers. He puts me first in everything and pays me so much attention. Me mam loves him – I think she loves him more than she loves me."

"I’ve seen a side to him that I’ve had quite a shock at. He got quite emotional in front of me recently when he told me how much he likes me and how he’s never felt this way with anyone.

"He looked at me the other day and said, 'I feel like you came into my life and you changed everything. Every single thing I think about now is better because you’re in my life. I can’t think of a time I had more fun. You do nothing but support me, you’ve been there for me. When we first met you knew I had to go on Celebs Go Dating and you never said anything bad about it and you didn’t do anything apart from encourage me. I can’t get over how amazing you are'.

"And I honestly don’t think he has said that to anyone before. It was so genuine."

She also told us a very alarming story about some sort of roleplay they do in which he pretends to be a gorilla – pick up this week's heat mag to find out more.

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