What feud? Cheryl and Sarah Harding have been tweeting each other

Are they all mates again?

Celebrity Big Brother winner Sarah Harding and new mum Cheryl appear to have put their complicated past behind them and have messaged each other on Twitter.

The former Girls Aloud members famously clashed during their days in the band together, as Cheryl reportedly struggled with Sarah's party lifestyle.

"Cheryl can be a bit awkward in public and wasn't much of a drinker or clubber, while Sarah knew everyone and was always at every event," a source told heat.

"By the end, she and Cheryl used to have massive fights - there would be rows, with Sarah saying no one listened to her opinion."

But now it looks as though Sarah has extended an olive branch to Chezza on social media. And it seems to have gone down well.

The CBB star responded to a question Cheryl put out to her fans asking which songs from her solo albums should have been released as singles.

She wrote: "Yoo hoo can you tweet me the songs from my albums that you think should have been singles please"

This prompted Sarah to reply: "Hey Stranger… You know FFTL will always be the one #TrueToTheGame," reffering to Cheryl's 2009 hit Fight For This Love.

Then Cheryl responded with the kissing face, dancing woman and guardsman emojies, as well as the hashtag #alwaystrue.

Does this mean the Sarah/Cheryl feud is FINALLY over? Could a Girls Aloud reunion now be on the cards?

Although, we're not convinced Cheryl will be too pleased to hear what Sarah had to say about her in the Big Brother house.

During a convo in the house, Amelia Lily asked Sarah: "She’s quite private isn’t she, Cheryl?"

Sarah then replied: "She tries to be.

"She just knows how to work it when she wants to, when she wants to be seen she is, and when she doesn’t, she makes sure she isn’t. like with the whole baby thing. She just plans things meticulously."

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