Cole Sprouse gets into a heated argument on the 'Riverdale' set


Cole Sprouse takes his craft very seriously and if you happen to try to get in the way of his cast and crew trying to film their show, he will say something. The cast and crew of Riverdale is busy filming Season 2 on location in Vancouver and Cole took it upon himself to confront a street performer who was interrupting their filming process. And things got intense.

Fans were on hand of course as Cole and some of the RD crew stepped outside of the art gallery they were filming in, according to, and Cole asked the traveling jazz musician, Babe Coal, if she could quiet down, since her music was loud and it was disrupting the scene they were trying to film.

It appears that other Riverdale crew members had already spoken to her but since she didn't back down, Cole decided to step in.

"We’re begging you. Our production in there is…we can’t film anything. I know you’re asking for compensation; we’re asking for simply an hour to finish," Cole said.

But then things got a bit ugly. Babe explained that she plays there often and would need compensation, since she wouldn't be able to perform and make money during that time they were filming. This set Cole off and he turned to the crowd that had formed to share his frustration. Check out the clip:

Another fan on hand caught Cole speaking to the crowd from another angle, where you can clearly see how upset he was.

"Just in case you guys don't know how this works," Cole said to to crowd. "This is one of the secrets of film production. We give a location the city and then some scam artists come out and stat playing and you see when I ask her to stop, she started asking for compensation."


According to Babe, who has taken to Twitter to share her side, she always plays in this location and having the cast come in and film was actually disrupting her. OK, that does make some sense. But at the same time, Cole is right: a city is notified when a production company wants to use it for a filming location, so all of the people that live in the area are made aware.

Something else happened that night which is currently unclear though, since Babe went on to say she was detained by the Vancouver Police Department, although no charges were filed. She simply feels that she wasn't treated in the way she should've been.

Yikes. Let's hope everyone can move on from this and nothing like this happens again. Riverdale is a show that brings a lot of joy to many people, as does music, so at the end of the day, we all have more in common than we think, right?

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