Daniel Radcliffe gets all emosh as he gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (pass the Kleenex!)

We love you, Dan Rad

Daniel Radcliffe has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it seems he was feeling a little overwhelmed.

After the ceremony, Dan (who was sporting a radical new 'do) took to the stage and gave a very emotional speech, thanking his mum and dad for supporting him after he shot to fame aged 11.

“I talk about luck a lot,” Dan told the crowd. “I was very lucky to get the part of Harry [Potter].

“I was lucky I enjoyed working long hours right from the word go and I've been lucky to be able to continue my career and work with people I love in the years since Potter finished but the seeds of all my luck were sown at the very beginning 26 years ago when I got you as parents. Thank you and I love you.”

Speaking afterwards, Dan admitted he was overcome after seeing his mum and dad standing in the crowd.

“When I got out here and saw my mum and dad - I haven't seen them since landing - and I was just like 'oh God, oh God, this is going to be rough if I keep looking at you',” he explained.

“I had to kind of detach myself from looking at them for most of it but I'm just incredibly thrilled that they're here and were able to come and I did win the lottery when I got them as parents.”

Oh we love an emotional, Harry. Oh, we mean, Dan. Well done, Dan. You deserve this!

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