Daniel Radcliffe opens up about his battle with booze

The 26 year old thought alcohol would help him lead a normal life

Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about his battle with alcohol.

The 26 year old started drinking excessively after finishing Harry Potter. Daniel played the young wizard for over ten years in all eight films, and has admitted he turned to drink when the franchise came to an end because he was desperate to live a "normal life".


Speaking on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, he said: "I drank a lot but that was more to do with actually going out in public and a battle in me going, 'I can have a totally normal life, man. This is fine'.

"That is the thing; most people probably can but I definitely can't."

Daniel said he also felt pressure to live up to the hellraiser reputations of legendary British actors Oliver Reed and Peter O’Toole.

"I honestly feel like a lot of us feel we have to live up to that in some way.

Daniel as Harry Potter back in the day
"For me, I always had a structured life and 90 per cent of the time having enjoyed it, [but] there is that crazy part of you every so often that wants to rebel and have some chaos."

Since spending more time working over in America, the Victor Frankenstein star has said it’s easier to resist booze.

He added: "I find it so much easier not to drink in America than in England by a long way.

"And even at work, people in America go, 'Hey, do you want to go out for a coffee?' 'What? Yeah, I suppose I do'. That's what I can do now. It's very different.”

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