Danniella Westbrook denies cheating on her fiancé

Despite the photographic evidence

Danniella Westbrook has denied the claims she cheated on her toyboy fiancé while on holiday in Benidorm, despite the fact there seems to be pictures flying around the internet showing otherwise.

As well as pictures appearing to show Danniella looking pretty cosy with someone who definitely wasn't her fiancé Alan Thompson, 25-year-old Reece had some shock claims about his encounter with the Celebrity Big Brother star.

"She likes a younger man, I told her I was 25, and I thought she was about 30, but she’s 43, that’s pretty much my mum’s age," he told The Sun Online.

"My mate pointed out that Danniella Westbrook was over by the toilet so I went over and started chatting to her, and for a laugh said, ‘Give us a kiss.’"

Reece then went on to claim, that Danniella was all over him, 'snogging the life out of me', and said they kissed between 10 and 15 times.

But now Danniella has denied these claims, taking to Twitter to clear her name and prove she's loyal to Alan. She's said she only pecked Reece on the cheek after agreeing to take a photo with him.

Responding to claims her behaviour in Benidorm was a disgrace, she wrote: "A disgrace really for letting someone peck me on the cheek whilst taking pictures with holiday makers in benidorm…wow really what ever(sic)".

Danniella also made it clear she only has feelings for Alan, tweeting: "AND TRUST ME I HAVE THE MOST PERFECT MAN I DON’T NEED TO CHEAT."

She also left a final warning for her followers:

"I actually cant win say no to pictures have people slag me say yes to pictures get accused of cheating! EVERYONE CAN 0121 DO 1."

Danniella recently revealed she reckons she's pregnant with twins. Read more about that here.


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