Celebs Go Dating's Eden Blackman teaches heat how to use dating apps

We at heat love dating apps. But we won't lie to you, we don't understand them one little bit.

Is it SO IMPORTANT to think of a funny and quirky opener every time? Why do people make fun of us when we say 'hey'? How many pictures should we use? What should be the selfie / group pic ratio? And is it ever OK to bootycall someone from Bumble? (Asking for a friend).


Luckily, Celebs Go Dating's Eden Blackman came to our rescue. To celebrate the release of Unforgettable (in cinemas now), he sat down with us at our office to answer all our pressing questions

Unforgettable (watch the trailer here) stars Katherine Heigl as a crazy ex - and take a look at these shocking real life stats.

38% admitted to reading through a partner's private messages in order to test their loyalty.

Nearly 1 in 10 (9%) had secretly contacted someone in their partner’s phonebook to ask about the nature of their relationship

Almost a quarter (24%) have looked at an ex’s new flame on social media

Unforgettable is out now in UK cinemas

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