The WEIRD reason Donald Trump kicked One Direction out of his hotel

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE, because Donald Trump does like Midnight Memories, only when they involve kicking a boyband out of a hotel - not ones that consist of 14 brilliant bangers... Though knowing Trump, he probably had a firework display to celebrate.

Classic Trump.

Liam Payne revealed during an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine that Donald Trump kicked the 1D lads out of his hotel in NYC, just before the hiatus.

The reason why? It's a weird one. The boys wouldn't meet his daughter, because they were ASLEEP. Yup. That thing we all need to do, so we don't drop things/die?

’Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once’ he told Rollacoaster Magazine

‘You wouldn’t believe it. It was about his daughter. He phone up our manager and we were asleep.

‘He said, “Well, wake them up” and I was like “no” and he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us.’ We assume fangirls by the zillion.

‘So [Trump] was like “ok, then I don’t want you in my hotel.” So we had to leave.’ BRUTAL m8. Jokes, Donald Trump is not our mate.

Nothing like the USA president to drag us down, eh.


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