Ed Sheeran gets speeding fine after singing about SPEEDING (lol)

It’s been a pretty LOL year so far, and we’re only nine days in.

Yes, it might feel like we’ve been back at work forever. Those days of lounging in our pjs instead of elbowing people out they way on the tube seem like a distant dream.

We were sure January was already over.

But in just over a week we’ve seen Niall Horan getting star struck by Adele (same), the Emma Watson doll that looks like Justin Bieber in a wig (wot), and Ryan Reynolds snogging Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes (YES BOYS).

And now Ed Sheeran has decided to add himself to the list of celebs who are making us LOL this year.

We all know that Ed has released two brand new bangers, Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You.

(If you didn’t listen to them HERE.)

In Castle On The Hill, Ed sings about growing up in Suffolk, and “driving at 90 down those country lanes.”

The po-po even pulled him up about it on Twitter.

But it seems that wasn’t enough to stop the singer songwriter getting caught doing 70mph in a 60mph zone in his hometown.

Tut tut.

Ed told The Sun that he was terrified about his dad finding out about his misdemeanor, which left him with a fine and points on his license.

“My dad was the one that found out about it and I thought he’d go mental, but he was super chill,” Ed told the paper.

“He knows the road and he knows that it gets a lot of people making the same mistake.

“It was a local road and they changed it from 70 to 60 the week before and I didn’t know.”

Talk about life imitating art, right?

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