Someone made a massive Ed Sheeran pizza cake and we're not sure what to think

Just look at it…

It's Ed Sheeran's birthday – woo! To celebrate, someone's made some sort of massive pizza cake. Which is obviously the appropriate response to an Ed Sheeran birthday.

It was made by Pizza Express and food artist Prudence Staite, and was inspired by his favourite pizza – the Calabrese.

And we're quite liking the look of it we won't lie to you.

The artist said in a statement: "As one of the world’s best-loved artists, Ed Sheeran will surely have scores of presents and well-wishes on his birthday; however I’m fairly confident that a gigantic homage to his favourite pizza recipe isn’t going to be one of them. Have a fantastic birthday Ed!"

Someone making us a birthday pizza cake has now kinda become our life goals tbh.

(Arguably) even more exciting than the pizza cake bday celebration is the release of his new song.

It's called How Would You Feel (Paean) and it's pretty fab.


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