Enrique Iglesias is collaborating with this X Factor star :O

And Sean Paul. What a party, eh?

It was recently reported that X Factor 2016 winner Matt Terry is writing and recording songs in Spanish – yes, really – as he's fluent in the language after previously living in Spain with his grandparents for eight years.

Now it looks as though he's been picked up by (SEXY AF) Spanish singing sensation Enrique Iglesias to team up on a new version of his hit Turn Up The Radio aka Subeme La Radio en español.

"Enrique asked me to be part of this track, which is amazing," Matt told The Sun.

"I sing the second verse and the second chorus. We did it out in Miami. They said, ‘Enrique wants you’"

We wish someone would say that to us, tbh.

It's also said that Sean Paul will be collaborating on the track, due for release this Friday , too.

The publication reports that as well as landing a hot new collab on his trip to Spain, Matt may have also found love.

"I went to Madrid to do a collaboration and got to meet this amazing girl, Ana [Mena]," he revealed when speaking about another collab he sings in Spanish.

"We hit it off straight away and get on really well. She’s going to be on my album."

We've got a feeling Enrique and Matt's song is going to be absolutely FUEGO.

(That means fire, btw).


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