Erm. Did Kylie Jenner Photoshop a wart on her knee?

There's a sentence we never thought we'd say

Being a mega famous Instagram celeb with about 102030202 followers sounds stressful AF.

This is because you only need to do something as innocent as post a pic of you and your boyfriend aside a plant for the whole entire world (or thereabouts) to go GO CRAZY because you've Photoshopped a wart on your knee.

Literally, this is happening. Right now.

Here is a picture of Kylie Jenner from a few days ago. Sans wart.

So Kylie definitely 100% doesn't have a massive wart on her knee.


Because in THIS picture it appears she DOES have a wart in the area – and her followers were VERY CONFUSED.

"Is that a wart on her knee???" raged one, while another calmly noted: "She has a nipple on her knee."

Another just said what we're all thinking: "One of her legs look weird."


But don't panic guys – it turns out it's actually probably just the most unfortunate placing of a plant that has ever been, and the "wart" or "nipple" is just the top of it.


IN (SORT OF) RELATED NEWS, people are very, very confused about the state of Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian's Instagram pictures.

Kim recently returned to social media following her horrific ordeal in Paris last year.

She's kept her Instagram page updated with pics of the family, but some people have questioned the nature of the photos.

One Instagram user commented: "Why are they trying so hard to look poor in these pictures!!! So fake once again."

While another asked: "Why they trying to look poor by putting fake surroundings."

One commenter even went as far as to suggest that it's not even the real Kim and Kanye West in the pictures: "That is a Kanye look alike... So is the Kim you seen all the pictures wake up people."

Erm. Seriously?

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