Ex On The Beach’s Jemma Lucy: EVERYTHING you need to know

Who is Jemma Lucy? Find out!

She caused a stir during the third series of Ex On The Beach, and hit the headlines after the latest series was filmed, but who exactly IS Jemma Lucy? Let’s find out…

Jemma Lucy: who is she?

Jemma Lucy, real name Jemma Henley, is a 27-year-old self-proclaimed “international tattoo model” from Oxford. She's best known for appearing in the third and fifth series of Ex On The Beach, and for stirring up a whole lotta trouble.

Jemma Lucy Instagram

Jem’s not one to shy away, and if you want a glimpse of some of her sauciest snaps and ever increasing collection of tatts, follow her on

Her newest addition is this MASSIVE tatt on her chest.

Jemma Lucy Twitter

Follow Jem and witness her epic rants yourself: her Twitter handle is @jem_lucy and she boasts both a blue tick AND over 40,000 followers.

Jemma Lucy Snapchat

You can witness Jem's super sweary exploits at your leisure, just get following jemlucy88

Jemma Lucy’s reality TV past

Jem’s first time on TV was actually way back in 2005 on the second series of old school reality show Brat Camp. To refresh your memory, this was the show in which misbehaving teens (uber brats) were sent to a correctional facility/farm/somewhere bad in the US in an attempt to break their bad habits.

Jemma’s parents decided to send her because she was a serial shoplifter, as well as being so disobedient that she was expelled from three schools.

Jemma later appeared on Katie Price’s short-lived reality show Signed by Katie Price alongside Rylan Clark-Neal and eventual winner Amy Willerton in 2011, but was knocked out half way through the competition.

Fun fact: Jem actually has a tattoo of Katie Price on her arm, which she got BEFORE appearing on her reality show.

Jemma Lucy Ex On The Beach

Jem came to everyone’s attention in series 3 of Ex On The Beach, where she caused lots of drama. She hooked up with Kirk Norcross, Marty McKenna (Geordie Shore’s newest recruit) was revealed as one of her exes, and she was involved in countless fights.

She eventually teamed up with Kirk’s ex and controversial CBB star Cami-Li AGAINST Kirk, who left the show thanks to the duo making his life hell, as well as Jem’s mate Vicky Pattinson pieing him. Like we said, DRAMA.

Jemma Lucy and Charlotte Crosby

Jem loves a Twitter rant, as heat revealed in Jan 2016 when she accused our fave Geordie girl Charlotte Crosby of stealing her man, David Hawley.

But did she steal him? Who knows? What we DO know is that this undoubtedly started a feud between the two girls, which was later made even worse by serial shagger Gaz Beadle…

Jemma Lucy and Gaz Beadle

Jem’s return to Ex On The Beach has been on everybody’s lips, mainly because back in April it was revealed that Jem slept with walking parsnip Gaz on the first night filming the new series.

Charlotte was devastated, and we later found out it was because she was not only seeing Gary when it happened, but had also been dealing with a devastating ectopic pregnancy, and the baby had been Gaz’s.

Obviously, Jemma knew nothing of the pregnancy, but we can’t help but wonder if sleeping with Gaz in the first place was to get revenge on Char for “stealing” her man back in Jan.

As well as a series of tweets, Jem also posted this snap on Insta, suggesting a threesome in response to all the hate she received from fans of Gaz and Char. This (unsurprisingly) caused even more of a stir. Not one to stay quiet is our Jemma…

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