Exclusive: Dillon St Paul gives us ALL of the goss from The Apprentice

This year, The Apprentice has been pretty intense.

We've seen Aleksandra King quitting the whole thing because she couldn't hack it anymore, and there was even that time when Alan Sugar called both teams into the boardroom – something that has literally NEVER happened before.

Oh, the drama!

There have been tears, there have been tantrums, there have been some rather questionable choices – but what's it REALLY like behind the scenes? What are the bits we don't see? And how do they go from bickering to besties after filming?

heat caught up with Art Director and contestant, Dillon St Paul, to do some digging.

Photos: Stephen James O'Neill

"You don't see much of what happens in the house where we all live but they should film that – it would be spin-off central!" he laughs.

"But there is a real sense of comradery. When you come home you're not allowed to talk about what went on, so you just have to hope that people have the maturity to move on."

Living on top of the people you're competing against must be pretty full-on, so how do they manage to leave all their work at the door?

"Well Aleks left – that's how stressful it is," Dillon admits.

"I had my friends in the house, I had my squad and my focus was on working. Getting on with people is so much better than being ruthless and obnoxious. You get a lot more bees with honey - if you're nice to people they're going to respond better."

Hear hear.

Dillon prides himself on his straight-talking, no BS attitude which we totally dig. He insists that it makes him anything but shady – except when he used to use his employers Twitter account to retweet his own personal tweets.

That's not shady, it's just savvy – or "building exposure" as the wannabe Apprentice says.

We think Alan would be WELL thrilled with his business acumen.

So he clearly has his head screwed on. And he can without a doubt pull together the most on-point outfits we've ever seen.

But can Dillon withstand heat's quick fire questions? Let's see …

Is Dillon St Paul your real name?

It's a mirror of my name. My name is Paul Dillon, but I made a brand at college and thought 'St' was really cool. I had to use a pseudonym at my first job and after that Dillon was on everything so it just stuck!

Who's the most famous person you've ever met?

Miss J from America's Next Top Model – he taught me how to walk down a catwalk and perfect it. I had bleached blonde hair at the time too so I was definitely in my supermodel stage!

Ever partied with a celeb?

Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing. I was at a club they were in, and they were having a great time partying, dancing on the tables, and drinking out of those big fancy silver buckets! So I went over to say hello and they were really nice.

What would you name your kids?

Frangipani, Dicaprio, Light Blue, Lauder (like Estée), Côte, and Maximillian - although that one's not too adventurous. When they get to be a hipster teenager then they can shorten it to Max if they want – or Millian! Depending on what the millennials are up to then.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I own SO MANY shoes, I can't even count. Formal shoes, gym shoes, hipster shoes, Wonderwoman converse, rollerblades …

What's your go-to style advice?

I think everything in the periphery should be white – white socks, white undies, white converse – you know like those lovely leather ones?

Photos: Stephen James O'Neill

Who's the most deserving winner on The Apprentice?

Obviously me! No I think other than myself, I would say Jessica 1000%. She is a jedi with numbers – I don't know if that comes across on the show, but she is. At the same time as that she's charismatic and lovely.

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