Fans go WILD for new pic of Cheryl

WILD we tell you

Fans have been gushing over a previously unseen picture of Cheryl alongside her Girls Aloud band mates at a dinner party.

The singer is shown beaming to the camera and cuddling up to the latest addition to her and Liam Payne's family, their dog Parker.

The snap was taken at Nicola Roberts' birthday dinner and originally shared on Instagram by the Girls Aloud singer.

Her former band mate Kimberly Walsh then regrammed the pic along with the caption: "Lovey evening for @lilcola birthday!"

Fans of Cheryl have flooded the posts with compliments and supportive messages.

One wrote: "You all look gourgeous! [sic]"

While others referred to Cheryl as their "beautiful queen" and even complimented her little furry friend: "Has Cheryl got Parker!? So cute!"

Fans of Cheryl and Liam AKA Chiam were also whipped into a bit of a frenzy, by a misleading Twitter trend.

After the news was revealed that Liam had signed a solo recording deal with Republic Records, the hashtag #CongratsLiam began trending worldwide.

Some fans took this as confirmation that Liam and Cheryl were expecting a baby.

And it all got a bit awks.

While we STILL haven't had any of these pregnancy rumours confirmed – or denied (plz no) – Cheryl has been the centre of much speculation lately.

There was that time social media had a meltdown when Liam changed his Twitter bio to "the luckiest man in the world".

Then, the recent sighting of Chezza's mum in Mothercare certainly didn’t help keep these rumours at bay.

And, if you ask us, there's almost definitely (but perhaps not) a hint of a little baby bump in these recent pics of Cheryl.

When will we get an ACTUAL answer to this baby question?


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