The difference between Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman salary and Henry Cavill's Superman salary is INSANE


UPDATE: Reports that Henry Cavill was paid $14 million for Man of Steel have been refuted. While there is still an obvious gender pay gap in Hollywood, this example doesn't actually reflect it.

Remember when Wonder Woman came out and everyone cheered for a new femininst film kids could look up to? Well, there was a hugely un-feminist flaw in the making of it: Gal Gadot was MAJORLY underpaid for her role.

In case you haven't heard of Gal Gadot (where have you been?), she's the lead of huge DC Universe movie Wonder Woman, which has been hailed as not only one of DC's best films but also broke a tonne of box office records.

But, of course, not even Wonder Woman is immune to the inequality of the real world, as she was reportedly paid a CRAZILY LOW salary of £236,000.

Now we know what you’re thinking, £236,000 is HUGE amount of money, but this is WAY lower than the norm for the lead of a major box office movie. Plus, when you compare it to Henry Cavill's salary as Superman for Man of Steel, it's embarassingly crap.

Scratch that, it's INSANELY crap. Henry Cavill reportedly earned £11 million for Man of Steel, which by the way has 7.1 stars on imdb compared to Wonder Woman's 8.1 (just sayin).

So, what the hell happened? Did Wonder Woman just make a lot less at the box office??

Nope. Wonder Woman has generated $573.5 million worldwide SO FAR (it's still in cinemas) while Man of Steel generated $668 million worldwide IN TOTAL.

Obv $95 million is a lot of money, but once we're in these figures it's really not that huge of a difference, especially when Wonder Woman is still set to make more as it stays in cinemas.

Plus, Man of Steel is a worse film?? We are BAFFLED.

Here's to hoping DC step up their game and start paying their actors equal wages, or yano throw us a few mill if you have it to spare...


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