Gary Beadle reveals he WILL quit Geordie Shore

And he admits to heat that he really misses Charlotte Crosby :(((

Gary Beadle's had a bit of a year of it, hasn't he, the old Beadle. Beadling about being hated on by Charlotte Crosby's fans for leaving her to get through her ectopic pregnancy while he was out getting his parsnip away on Ex On The Beach.

Then there were all the revelations that came out during EOTB that he'd cheated on Lillie Lexie Gregg several times - and two of his old flames were brought in to torment Lillie further.

And THEN there was all the weirdly misogynistic shit he wrote in his weekly column, like ripping into the women he slept with for not making him wait for sex, because that would make them unworthy of being his wife.

Even though it's 2016 and literally only racist old granddads think that way anymore.

But guess what? Gaz has announced he WILL be quitting the show that made him famous - and he's doing it because he's too old to keep partying with the youngsters.

When heat met up with the Geordie Shore cast ahead of their 13th series, Gary admitted he's really missing Charlotte, who quit earlier this year because it was too hard to keep seeing Gaz after her pregnancy ended.

"It's weird. It's hard as I've always had Charlotte there," he told us.

"It's the little things and I miss going away from the group and doing funny things with Charlotte."

Though there was one upside to not having his on-off lover around this series.

"It was good when I went on the pull as I wouldn't have to worry about upsetting Charlotte and creating an argument. But some of my best memories on Geordie Shore are with her."


Speaking about future series of the MTV show, Gaz said he's going to leave within the next two years.

"I can't be there, 30 years old, clubbing with students and necking off. It would start to get a bit weird," he confessed.

"Even pulling a bird in Kavos I'm like, 'how old are you?' For me, I'll do the next two series and then another reality show then it's time to move on. By the time I would leave I would have done 15 series."

So will we see Gary learning how to foxtrot on Strictly? Getting teabagged with kangaroo goolies on I'm A Celebrity? Or having a fight with Brendan on Celebrity Coach Trip? We'd watch any of them, tbh.

Catch the return of Geordie Shore on Tuesday 25 October at 10pm on MTV, and pick up this week's heat magazine for more GS stuff.


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