Gaz Beadle gets a tattoo of girlfriend Emma McVey's NAKED body

Erm - cute?

Gaz Beadle recently rekindled his relationship with Emma McVey and he’s decided to celebrate by getting a huge tattoo of her on his arm.

But not just any old tattoo. One of her naked bod, natch.

The Geordie Shore lothario made a dash for the tattoo parlour to prove his love for Emma by getting a portrait of her bare bum along his left arm.

Gaz uploaded videos on his Snapchat, and instantly fans started asking questions about who the inky brunette was, and The Sun confirmed that it was Emma.

Apparently, the body art is based on a picture of the model that was taken on a shoot with photographer Peter Pedonomou in 2015 that later appeared in art mag, P.

The couple decided to give their relationship another go five weeks ago, following a string of public spats – including one where Emma claimed that the famous parsnip had been doing the rounds with other ladies. Nice.

However, Gaz denied that he had cheated and apparently he’s keen to show Emma that he deserves another chance.

A source told The Sun: “Gaz has been working hard at getting back in Emma’s good books.

“Their split was tough on both of them. It was a big mess and with Gaz being stuck in the Geordie Shore house – things only got worse.

“Since he’s come out the pair have been in touch and they’ve been working on getting back on track.”

And what better way to say I LOVE YOU than by getting your OH’s behind permanently etched into your skin.

Who said romance was dead?

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