Nicola Roberts: Where is she now?

Where has she been?

We all remember her as the fair-skinned, red-head bombshell from Girls Aloud, but since their split in 2013, (still not over it) what has she been up to?

Who is Nicola Roberts? How old is she?

Nicola Roberts, aged 31, was born on 5th October 1985 in Stamford, Lincolnshire. She shot to fame on reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, where she met Sarah Harding, Cheryl, Kimberly Walsh and Nadine Coyle to make iconic British girl band, that we all know and love, Girls Aloud.

What happened during Nicola's time in Girls Aloud?

Their debut single and school disco FAV Sound Of The Underground, was Christmas number one in 2002 for four consecutive weeks!

This kick started their success as they went on to release five albums which included hits such as Jump which of course is the backing track to THAT Love Actually scene with Hugh Grant, The Promise (We always wanted to be part of their gold dress gang) and Something New. WE MISS YOU GIRLS ALOUD. Reunion soon??

Nicola Roberts: solo career

Sticking to what she knew best, post- Girls Aloud, she went into the studio to record her debut single Beat Of My Drum which was perhaps her most popular song. With its catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, it was a sure-fire hit. (L-O-V-E, dance to the beat of my drum! We're not singing it, you are...) She then went on to release her debut solo album Cinderella's Eyes which was released on 23rd September 2011.

Did Nicola Roberts create a make-up line?

She did indeed! Dainty Doll makeup was created by Nicola especially for those with fairer skin tones. Renowned for her paler complexion, she explained that while she was in Girls Aloud, trying to find makeup to suit her complexion was a struggle: "It used to be so hard to find a foundation, make-up artists had to go for the lightest shades and them mix them up. But they would usually end up being too pink or yellow." Her range was re-packaged and stocked online on Harrods, but it seems that the range is slowly fizzling out, only now available on Amazon.

Nicola Roberts and fashion?

Alongside her career as a singer/songwriter, Nicola is very passionate about fashion. Featuring on the 2012 show Styled To Rock, hosted by none-other than Barbadian beauty Rihanna (who remembers this one series wonder?!)

If you weren't familiar with the show, each week contestant designers went head-to-head to create designs for famous musicians such as Katy Perry, Girl's Aloud's very own, Cheryl Cole and although he didn't actually make an appearance on the show, Mr Kanye West. Nicola was a mentor on the show alongside British fashion designer Henry Holland and American designer Lysa Cooper who was also a stylist for Rihanna.

More recently she has posted various modelling photo throwbacks and has also been seen attending multiple fashion shows and award ceremonies.

Who has Nicola Roberts dated?

Back in 2001, Nicola has reportedly dated Carl Egerton until their spilt in 2006, after that she briefly dated Patrick Anderson. She was then with Carl Davies for a year, but after their split he reportedly sent her threatening messages and stalked her via various social media accounts. He was arrested in February this year and given a restraining order. Her most recent relationship was with businessman, Charlie Fennell but they ended things quietly in 2014 after six years.

What is Nicola Roberts up to now in 2017?

Her most recent venture saw her stray away from both music and fashion as she released a documentary titled New York Hijabis with Youtube vlogger Nabiilabee. The pair met in 2015 when they filmed the New York's predecessor High Street Hijabis, back, but this time on US soil, the duo investigate what it means to be a Muslim woman who wants to dress modestly but fashionably in Trump's America. It is still available on BBC iPlayer here

She has also posted pictures of her in the studio, so hopefully this means new music soon?

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