This Harry Potter fan theory about the Sorting Hat is blowing our minds

Despite not getting a letter on our 11th birthday telling us we are a wizard (WE ARE OKAY), Harry Potter continues to fill an unhealthy amount of our brain.

Which isn't actually a bad thing when you think about it.

Harry Potter > 'Does this guy at work fancy me?'

Harry Potter > 'I've spilled coffee down my top!'

Harry Potter > 'Will I fail at life and amount to nothing?'

See, Harry Potter is a better use of your headspace fo'sho.

Hence why we can't stop ourselves from trawling through Harry Potter fan theories to pick apart then place together the glorious Wizarding World of Harry P.

One fan theory in particular has made us lie down in a dark room and spend fifteen minutes just processing this information - that's how bloody brilliant it is.

The theory in question, was surrounding the Sorting Hat where Potter fans have speculated that perhaps the hat doesn't sort people into houses based on personality. ER WHAT. BRAVE PEOPLE GO TO GRYFFINDOR AND MEAN PEOPLE GO TO SLYTHERIN RIGHT??? DON'T MAKE ME TELL J.K ROWLING ON YOU.

That was our first reaction too, but when we deep-delved a little further, we now whole-heartedly agree.

So, according to the Reddit Theory - 'The Sorting Hat sorts students based on what traits they value, not possess'

'The world of Harry Potter holds that the Sorting Hat sorts a child based on what traits they possess.'

'The brave go to Gryffindor, the intellectual to Ravenclaw, the cunning to Slytherin and the hardworking to Hufflepuff (or, if you believe the Sorting Hat in The Prisoner of Azkaban, Hufflepuff just gets the leftovers).'

'However, as I was rereading the series, I came across a lot of holes in that line of thinking.'


'11-year-old Neville isn’t brave at all; he’s even scared of his own shadow. 11-year-old Draco isn’t anywhere near cunning (basically alienating Harry Potter, the Wizarding World’s biggest celebrity). And don’t get me started on Crabbe and Goyle.'

Oh yeah, lolololol.

The author continues: 'The point is, they didn’t have those traits the moment they were sorted,” the Reddit user continued. “So perhaps the Sorting Hat can somehow predict their future?'

So the Sorting Hat isn't a personality determiner, it's a personality predicter? Or maybe it's a personality chooser and you end up soaking up the traits of the people you are surrounded by and what's expected of you?

BRB gonna mull this over for another 15 mins.


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