Could Harry Styles be changing his name? Um...

Well this is a bit ridiculous

Harry Styles' transition from fresh-faced boyband member to proper-superstar-in-his-own-right's going pretty well, isn't it? With One Direction bandmates Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson all up in the charts with their solo songs and Liam Payne working on music, Harry's laying low ahead of the release of Dunkirk this July.

So what's the next step in his bid to take over the actual entire world? Um...a name change, apparently.

With his first movie out in cinemas this summer, one 'source'-type reckons Harry's taking this whole 'new year, new me' thing quite literally with a new name. Yup, he reportedly wants to be known simply as 'Styles.'


Chatting to the National Enquirer, someone supposedly in the know explained the decision 'came about because he’s suddenly got an acting career underway in the upcoming World War II flick Dunkirk, and wants his screen name to be ‘Harry Styles.’ But strangely, he now insists he be known on records only as ‘Styles.'


Said source added that 'former bandmate Zayn Malik now only goes by the name of Zayn,' but as predicted a source 'close to the One Direction singer' has assured Gossip Cop that it's all 'total nonsense.'

As you were.


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