Is Harry Styles actually releasing his debut album soon?

Say whaaat?

The new year has brought about lots of stories about the One Direction boys.

And we’ll include former member Zayn Malik in that, because he’s been smashing up £2500-a-night hotel rooms with Taylor Swift, making some steamy AF music videos and had his cousin piping up after being accused of siding with Perrie Edwards.

So to be fair, Zayn is responsible for a lot of it since Niall decided to do an Ed Sheeran and ‘take a break’.

But one band member adding his fair share of juicy goss to the pot is Harry Styles, he of butterfly tattooed beauty. He is likely to be hanging around this spot in London a hell of a lot more – so if you want to bump into him, now’s your chance.

He also recently finished filming Dunkirk (did we tell you how excited we were for it? We might have mentioned it once or twice when we revealed the trailer to you), which means he’s freeing up a lot of time.

A lot of time … to release his DEBUT ALBUM, mebe?

The singer and actor is apparently working on new music to show off at the Grammy awards ceremony.


A source said: "Instead of dropping something around Dunkirk, Harry is working on dropping music and a full album right around the Grammys.

"He thinks the surprise and shock of it all will make a bigger splash, instead of announcing a release date.

“He has enough songs to put out an album, it's just the final logistics that are being worked out now."

OH LORD please don’t tease us. Our year is lacking the dulcet tones of Harry Styles and we need him back in our lives.

If it’s true, it means that we could be able to feast our ears on his sweet, sweet music as soon as February 12th.

Which is only a month away.

Can. Not. WAIT.

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