Is Harry Styles' solo album gonna be 'white man reggae'? Eh?

His mate Nick Grimshaw seems to think so

So you know how Harry Styles has been working on his solo album throughout this whole One Direction hiatus malarky? Well apparently it's 'insane' (Father John Misty says so) and his pal Nick Grimshaw reckons he might have predicted the sound he's going for.

Yup - after Columbia Records CEO Rob Stringer revealed the solo stuff's 'authentic,' Grimmy's expressed concern he might go down the reggae route seeing as he's been recording it in Jamaica.

Speaking to GQ, Nick said: "He’s [Harry] worried I won’t like his new solo record.

"He recorded it in Jamaica so I’m praying it’s some awful white man reggae."

MEANWHILE Ed Sheeran reckons the album's gonna be 'very good,' which bodes well. He recently told The Sun: "He came round like two years ago and we jammed out a song. I think he’s gone in a totally different direction now. It’s really good.

"Anything he puts out is going to be massive, let’s be honest. But I think it’s very good musically as well."



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Harry Styles' solo album's 'insane,' apparently

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