A Harry Styles and Tom Hardy hug's happened IRL

Literally nothing else matters

We don't wanna alarm you, but Harry Styles and Tom Hardy have been in actual physical contact and we're struggling to concentrate on anything but this very news.

Obviously the pair of 'em star in Christopher Nolan's new Dunkirk movie (finally out in cinemas July 21st, just FYI); and while Tom's admitted they didn't spend much time together on set they did have a 'big hug.' What more could you want, really?

Chatting to Vanity Fair, Tom said: "I met him once, really briefly. It was a lovely, big hug."

Riiight. Just bear with us while we sit here salivating for a few minutes. Hours. Da-- d'ya know what? We're gonna take the rest of the day off. Consider this a new national holiday. 2017's peaked and nothing else matters quite so much.

IMAGINE THAT EMBRACE. The skin-on-skin. The 'alright, mate' in Harry's dulcet Cheshire tones.

Tom also praised Harry for making the transition from fresh-faced boyband-type to proper movie star work. He's all like: "That's not easy, to come in from a very specific department in the industry and cross over.

"I wouldn't want to be in those shoes, but from what I hear it's actually going to be a very comfortable transition for him because he's done such great work which is a great testament not only to his skill as an artist, [but] also Chrisopher [Nolan's] part in that as well. One Direction aside, do you know what I mean?"

Oh we know exactly what you mean, honey.


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